Physio Services

Sports Physio

As sports physio  we assess the whole body, anatomical structure and lower limb biomechanics in order to determine the impact they have on the cause of injury. We have a special interest in foot and ankle conditions.

Image of a woman undergoing Biomechanical Exam by ModPod Podiatry

Sprained Ankle Treatment

Ankle sprains are a very common type of injury; it has been estimated that thousands of people sprain their ankles every day. A sprain occur when ligaments, which are the thick bands of tissue that support the joints in your body, have to stretch beyond their normal range of movement and become injured.

Bike Fit


Bike Fitting isn’t just for those that are injured or those seeking maximal performance to be the next Cadel Evans. Physiotherapy led bike fitting is about optimising your comfort and enjoyment on the bike.

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Cycling Orthotics


The principle behind a cycling orthotic is to distribute pressure over a greater surface area.  When riding without orthotics the majority of the pressure is under the front of your foot which is above your cleat.

Running Assessments

ModPod has the latest digital assessment equipment to assess your running or walking style,  this aids us in diagnosis and treatment.

orthotic assessment

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