Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy

Our primary focus is treatment of conditions of the foot and ankle and a biomechanical approach to how they affect the kinetics of the more proximal structures such as knees and hips.

ModPod Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy, is a multidisciplinary clinic with a special interest in foot and ankle injuries . We have developed PodPhysio which is a unique approach that combines the key elements of podiatry and physiotherapy into one structured treatment plan.

We firmly believe our clients can gain substantial benefits through the PodPhysio treatment approach which include:

  • Tailored approach for each client
  • Recovery period is generally shorter
  • Improved biomechanics, strength and endurance of the foot
  • Reduce risk of developing arthritis in foot and ankle
  • Reduce re-injury rate
  • Reduced dependency on orthotics and corrective foot wear over time
  • Saving time and money as less treatments are required

At ModPod Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy we understand that when you're injured or in pain you want to return to sports and work quickly free of pain.  Through Podphysio we will help you achieve this.



We can enhance your full recovery through

Thorough diagnosis & explanation of your foot/ankle injury


Early foot/ankle treatment to promote healing, & improve function


Education on activity changes & foot & ankle injury management using biofeedback


Foot & ankle exercises to prevent further injury

Our special expertise in the treatment of the foot & ankle is integrated into our assessment of the whole body to identify the cause your foot or ankle injury. We believe in the opportunity to strengthen & train movement patterns to return your foot & ankle back to full capacity without relying on footwear or orthotic support.In the short term your body may need stability and rest from aggravating activities which can be provided by taping techniques, a brace or orthotics.

Introducing: Michael Tamaddoni

  • Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • BS Health and Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
  • Strength and Conditioning Service

Michael grew up in the USA and did his physio training in the states over 7 years and 2 degrees, a BS in Exercise Science Sports Medicine at Colorado State University and then did his Doctor of Physical Therapy at Duke University. Read More

Michael-Tamaddoni- Physio Sydney

These are some of the most common conditions we treat at ModPod

 Running Injuries


Achilles Pain


Ankle Injures / Instability


Big Toe Joint Pain


Children's Feet


 Foot & Ankle Arthritis


Heel / Arch  Pain




Shin Splints


Knee Pain





Claw Toes


Stress Fractures


Turf Toe

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