Running is an activity that many people enjoy and is an efficient form of exercise.  However, running related injuries are quite common and sideline many people from running or stop other from even thinking about beginning to run.  

These injuries and issues that runners have tend to stem from two types of issues.

  1. Biomechanical deficit unrelated to running IE strength, flexibility, mobility, or motor control issues.   
  2. Running mechanics related deficit that leads to an injury, flares an injury, or is literally slowing someone down by making them inefficient. These are harder to find and must be assessed while someone is running.  

At ModPod we attempt to address both types of deficits. 



This entails a full head to toe assessment of the body.  We screen the spine, shoulders, hips, pelvis, knees, ankles, and feet to ensure you have normal range of movement, normal strength, normal flexibility, and normal motor control of all these areas.  We then look at higher level activities like functional tasks of sport specific movements. This will give us a great idea of what to expect when seeing you run and where your deficits are and if you have any injured tissues we will find out during this part of the examination.  We then come up with a plan to address the deficits found and outline what to do as part of a home exercise program or in further physio sessions if necessary.



Entails a full visit dedicated to just you and your running form, analyzed on our state of the art Zebris Force Plate treadmill as well a with our 3 Dart Fish Equipped cameras.  We will break everything down in your running form and biomechanics from head to toe with:

Video analysis 

  1. To assess movement patterns while running
  2. To assess your joint positioning during the different phases of running gait (IE landing, stance, and push off phases)


Force Plate 

  1. Cadence(Real Time and Average)
  2. Landing Forces through the foot
  3. Stride length
  4. Ground contact Time
  5. L vs R Balance


Once we capture the data from the video and treadmill we then break it down and analyse it with you and show you where your deficits are when compared to the expected norms.   We can then compare both the video and force plate data side by side to see if it has effected the changes we are aiming for.  

Once verified we then outline a simple training plan to implement the changes in your running form. You can easily implement the changes into one of our easy to follow programs or we will adjust it to your current running schedule.



  • A detailed report of your pre and post force plate data which outlines the forces through your foot and other factors like cadence, stride length, ground contact time and in depth details on your foot strike mechanics.
  • A plan of interventions for you to implement in your current run training or a detailed return to running program tailored to your individual needs.
  • Exercises if necessary to help you achieve your goals to improve your running.



  • Anyone with running related pain/injury.
  • Anyone looking to improve their running efficiency or performance.
  • Anyone looking to prevent injury.
  • Anyone taking up running for 1st time or after long break.
  • Anyone looking to return to running after a break from it due to injury.


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